Shalom and welcome to Herzliya,

Our city is known for the quality of life enjoyed by its residents, and for its status as a well-developed center of culture, education, and business and tourist activity. Its convenient location in the center of the country and easy access have brought about rapid growth, with an influx of new residents every year along with Israeli and foreign visitors.

The secret of Herzliya's charm lies in the special blend of its diverse and unique elements: a beautiful coastal strip, expansive parks, advanced educational activity, a broad range of cultural events, a vibrant marina, important historical sites, and extensive tourism, as well as a concentration of leading businesses in the fields of hi-tech, commerce, and more.

The city's development also encompasses investment in plans and construction projects, for the benefit of young couples and the general public; the paving of a wide-ranging network of bicycle paths; installation of fixtures for sports and physical fitness throughout the city; and making the city accessible for the handicapped.

All of the above is part of our overall vision of Herzliya as an active, vibrant city that nurtures warm and inclusive communal life.

I invite you to come and see Herzliya and its treasures for yourself.


Best wishes,
Moshe Fadlon
Mayor of Herzliya






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